Full-day kindergarten

The Idaho Legislature is currently considering proposals which would help provide full-day kindergarten options for local communities across the state.  United Way has helped support full day early learning programs in many communities in Idaho and the results are...

Celebrity Dinner Dessert Auction

We have all had to make so many changes in the past year, and as we move forward together as a community we can still rally together to help those in need and look forward to the day we can all be together again. With the continued support of people and businesses...

UWM/LC Receives Award for Generosity

United Way of Moscow/Latah County Receives Award for Generosity Along with their fellow Idahoans, United Way of Moscow/Latah County was honored at the North Idaho Philanthropy Day celebration on November 9th. The Outstanding Non-profit award was given to them and...

Need help paying rent?

Need help paying your rent? This program could help you. The Housing Preservation Program can provide short-term rent and utility support for Idahoans affected by the pandemic. For more information on eligibility and how to apply, visit idahohousing.com/covid-19.

Community Food Distribution

Idaho Food Bank and United Way of Moscow/Latah County will be distributing free food boxes Friday, June 19th beginning at 10 am at the Joseph St. playfields. There are no qualifications to receive the boxes beyond the stated need for food.  

United Way of Moscow/Latah County

Our purpose is…To increase the organized capacity of people, in Moscow/Latah County, to care for one another


The purpose of the United Way of Moscow/Latah County is to:

  • Determine the social service needs of the Moscow area
  • Develop physical, monetary, and human resources for meeting those needs
  • Designate social service agencies through which those needs can be met effectively
  • Develop effective financial support for the member agencies
  • Serve as a focal point for community accountability of the contributed funds
  • Encourage direct involvement by the people of Moscow and Latah County in the relief and social service life of the community